Why so shallow?

Shallow, hypocrites, liars, defensive, aggressive, judgmental.

Looking for the truth but oh so scared of it.

We, as humans, are the most complicated of animals.

We judge, we assume, we think we know everything when it comes to other people, but how much really do we know about ourselves?

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New year, new me

Well, actually there is no new me. I’m the same just a bit more worn and maybe wiser, or so I’d like to think.

Resolutions are not my thing, so instead I’m going for certain goals.

So, here’s to achieving all my goals for the rest of my life.

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Who are you?

You’re here next to me. But it’s not you I’m seeing. I don’t even know who you are.

Have I ever known? Or was it just my dreams and desires I was projecting on to you? Have you ever been real?

Memories are all I’m left with now. Or were they dreams?

I see you here next to me, but it’s not really you.

I see your shape but I feel nothing. Strangers in a car.

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How do you live after an end?

How do you continue with your life after an end? Whatever that end might be. How do you start over with new things, new friends, new feelings?

Where do you get the power to do things better? To not reach that end again…

Do you just tell yourself everything has to be ok? Do you just go on with your boring routine and then cry yourself to sleep?

I choose to be better, do better and make the best out of a bad situation.

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