What is happiness? How many people can say that they have been truly happy at some point in their lives?

Is happy just a moment or is it a state you  can be in for ever and ever?

If you go around town and watch the faces of other people, you will think that happy does not exist. How shallow and sad are the eyes of the people you see everyday?

Does money buy happiness? Can you truly be happy if all you do is work, sleep and eat, repeat?

Stop looking at others for what makes them happy, look deep down inside of you for what makes you happy. Stop listening to what happy is for people you see on TV and search for what happy can be for you and the ones you love and cherish.

Be more than just a face in the crowd!

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How do you live after an end?

How do you continue with your life after an end? Whatever that end might be. How do you start over with new things, new friends, new feelings?

Where do you get the power to do things better? To not reach that end again…

Do you just tell yourself everything has to be ok? Do you just go on with your boring routine and then cry yourself to sleep?

I choose to be better, do better and make the best out of a bad situation.

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