Random thoughts

I was perusing a blog yesterday, not a thing I usually do, except when I’m really, but really bored, anyway, and there was this article, on the things that women do that annoy men.

And the first thing was, a woman’s period.

Well, you poor bastards, I’m so sorry you have to go through that. It must be though… (sarcasm sign). Guess what, I’m pretty sure that there’s not a woman in this world that is thrilled about having to deal with all that shit, every month.

Apparently some men think that we have our period on purpose, just to mess with their heads and nerves.

Yes, that is exactly why we bleed and have terrible pains once a month.

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Rational vs emotional

I have always been a rational person, but somehow, looking back on past decisions and mistakes, all of them were based on my emotional part.

I have created a rational wall around me, emotionally unavailable.

It’s an unconscious type of thing, something I do on a regular basis like waking up and breathing and walking.

We are all animals, we base ourselves on instinct more than anything.

Is rationality even a real thing? Or is it something we pretend to have so we can make sense of our poor judgment?

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How do you live after an end?

How do you continue with your life after an end? Whatever that end might be. How do you start over with new things, new friends, new feelings?

Where do you get the power to do things better? To not reach that end again…

Do you just tell yourself everything has to be ok? Do you just go on with your boring routine and then cry yourself to sleep?

I choose to be better, do better and make the best out of a bad situation.

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